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Netski is inviting your kids to come skiing Book two adult packs and get one pack for free on Netski.kid*! *Available only at resorts in Austria.

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Your ski & snowboarding equipment rental. Fast & easy. 100% self-service and online. For all your snow sports adventures. Ski your way: choose from equipment that's state-of-the-art or very modern, for all levels and all ages. With plenty of optional extras to make life easier, you can get the most out of skiing, while sharing the fun with family and friends.

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All our packs include either a pair of skis and ski poles or a snowboard, along with ski boots and an optional helmet.

Modern equipment at an affordable price, for your maximum convenience.
My level :
Beginner > Intermediate
I want to get the most out of my passion at an affordable price, taking to all kinds of slopes on modern equipment.
The newest kit of the season. State-of-the-art equipment for guaranteed thrills!
My level :
Intermediate > Advanced
I'm all about passion, perfection and the latest must-haves. I want newer models, greater thrills, extra freedom.
For 3 to 10 year olds. A fun and safe start to great skiing
Optional :
With the Performance option, kids can kit themselves out like champions too! State-of-the-art equipment packed with innovation, for guaranteed thrills!
For 11 to 14 year olds. Freedom to express your style and independence on the slopes!
Optional :
I want to ski like a pro on all kinds of slopes, with the very latest Performance equipment.

Renting skis or snowboard

with Netski is fast and easy!

It’s so simple – all I have to do is selecting the resort, the dates and then just in a few clicks I can get top quality equipment both for me and my family. I’ve got two different offers fitting my level and my budget so…my booking is a real breeze! I don't waste my time anymore, I make the most of my winter holidays and I just enjoy the slopes! I can choose between two packs: (newest equipment, high-performance and trendy) or Netski.comfort (modern equipment at a fair price). I just need to precise if I’m a beginner or a good skier and then it’s all good! Everyone finds the perfect equipment: me, my friends, my family… With the Netski.kid or Netski.teen packs, my children get the best ski equipment and are ready to hit the slopes as a champion! Helmets can be booked for more safety and boots to be on top! My skis or snowboard are waiting for me in the shop, ready for pick-up so… Let’s ski! Thanks to the on-demand options and services, I can enjoy my ski holiday to the fullest! Don’t wanna keep my skis with me every night? Then I just select the storage option and use the safe deposit locker system. Wouldn’t it be nice to get my skis delivered? It’s possible, whenever and wherever I want. Netski makes my life even easier with the fast pass: I’m the first to pick up my equipment in store, no more waiting! All these options are designed to make my stay unforgettable and 100% fun! Netski, it’s much more than just a ski hiring website ... It’s also a passionate community sharing emotions and memories for life, providing thrills and expert advices... A n online world, full of fun and colors! Meet the whole Netski community on Facebook and Instagram and share your Netskier experience with us. Come meet us in your favorite ski resorts, our team will be pleased to meet you in one of our 90 ski rental shops in France and in Europe (Switzerland, Italy, Andorra, Austria, Spain). With Netski, ski hiring is fast and easy.