Article 1: Recitals

This Cookies Management Charter is for (hereinafter referred to as the "SITE") website users, i.e. anyone who accesses and browses on the SITE, and notably the members registered on the SITE or visiting internet users.

By browsing on the SITE, you agree that cookies, as described below, can be placed on your terminal in conformance with this Cookies Management Charter.

Article 2: Who collects my data?

The company responsible for processing Users' data collected via the SITE is "SPC", a public limited company with capital of 1,616,160 euros located at 424 Bureaux de la Colline - 92213 ST-CLOUD CEDEX (hereinafter referred to as "NETSKI")

Article 3: What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file placed on the hard drive of your terminal when you visit a website. It registers certain information concerning your browsing or your on-line behaviour which enables us to improve and facilitate your experience as an Internet user.

Article 4: What are cookies used for?

The SITE uses cookies to differentiate Internet users and to improve their browsing and the services they are offered. In practice, cookies thereby enable your authentication and identification, and if necessary, they can register your preferences or measure the different uses of the SITE.

Article 5: The site cookies and their purpose

NETSKI does not use any proprietary cookies: navigation, transaction, session, storage of information about a form (identifier, address), display preferences of your terminal (language, resolution), security measures like the expiration of your session etc. We use Web Storage technology.

5.1. The SITE's technical statistics and audience measurement

Thes cookies help us to better understand the use made of the SITE and to provide you with good quality services:

Name of the cookiePurpose of the cookieDurationStatus
eulerian.netThis cookie enables measurement of the SITE audience30 daysactivated
eulerian.netThis cookie makes it possible to count your visits30 daysactivated
eulerian.netThis cookie makes it possible to know how many times a SITE page has been consulted30 daysactivated
eulerian.netThis cookie makes it possible to follow your path on the SITE30 daysactivated

5.2. Third-party cookies

When you visit the SITE, partner companies might install cookies on your terminal. The use of these cookies is subject to the same restrictions concerning personal data protection established by the "Data Protection" Law. You may deactivate these third-party cookies alone or at the same time as ours in your browser settings. There are, in particular:

5.2.1. Cookies related to advertising operations:

These cookies are used by advertising service providers on the SITE. They enable the identification of products consulted or bought and contribute to personalising the advertisement offer. Cookies that are in the advertisements themselves are for providing information and statistics on the pertinence of their circulation (number of users who click on the advertisement, number of times it is displayed, etc.)

(a) Google

Name of the cookiePurpose of the cookieDurationStatus
« Google Pref » cookiesThese cookies are placed and read on your computer once you access a Google service in non-authenticated and authenticated mode. They contain certain information (one or two special login names, a creation and modification date, a forgery-proof signature, the user's preferences, notably the language of use, the number of results to display per page, etc.) and serve to collect various data such as your interactions with Google services (searches made, pages consulted, links clicked on, etc…) and visits to the sites not related to the Google domain name but which use Google services (widget +1).30 daysactivated
« Google NID » cookies NID=67Like the « Pref » cookie, « NID » cookies are placed and read on your computer once you access a Google service in non-authenticated mode. They contain information (a special login name for each browser) and notably enable the collection of data identical to those collected via "Pref" cookies.30 daysactivated

(b) Advertisement and contextual help cookies

Name of the cookiePurpose of the cookieDurationStatus
doubleclick.netAdvertisement cookie, the purpose of which is to re-target visitors who have browsed on Netski.com30 daysactivated
googleadservices.comAdvertisement cookie, the purpose of which is to re-target visitors who have browsed on Netski.com30 daysactivated
5.2.2. Cookies linked to social networks

In a majority of the SITE pages we include computer applications that enable real-time sharing of the SITE content with other people. This is notably the case for buttons such as "Share", "I like", and "+1" for social networks.

Please note that any social network can identify or follow your browsing by using one of these buttons even without your clicking on it, once your session is open in your browser. Each social network has its own data protection policies and NETSKI has no control over the use of cookies and tracers issued by these third-party companies. We suggest that you contact these social networks to find out more on possible configurations for the privacy of your account (Facebook, Twitter etc.)

Article 6: Installing these cookies: It's your choice

By default, the browsing software accepts websites cookies on your computers, Smartphones and other terminals with access to the Internet.

But you can control the installation of these cookies since you can configure your browsing software to:

  • Accept or refuse the cookies that are on the SITE;
  • Systematically refuse all the cookies;
  • Request your agreement for each cookie encountered during your Internet browsing.

In order to do this, simply go to your browsing software and follow the instructions. Example:

  • With Internet Explorer : Tools menu ► Internet options ► Privacy tab ► choose the desired level
  • With Firefox : Tools menu ► Options ► Privacy tab ► choose the desired options
  • With Chrome : Configuration menu (settings logo) ► Settings ► Advanced settings ► Content settings ► Choose the desired options
  • With Safari : Safari (settings logo) ► Preferences ► Security ► Show cookies ► Choose the desired options
  • With Opera : Tools menu ► Preferences ► Advanced tab ► Cookies column ► Manage cookies ► Choose the desired options

IMPORTANT! Please note that, as previously indicated, by choosing to block our cookies you might modify browsing on the SITE and/or the use of certain functionalities. In any event, if you choose to deactivate all the cookies, your user experience will be highly affected and your browsing preferences will be deleted.

Article 7: Your consent

By browsing on the SITE, you agree for NETSKI to install what are known as "technical" cookies which access, register and consult information stored in your terminal equipment:

  • Exclusively intended to enable or facilitate electronic communication ;
  • Strictly required for the provision of the SITE's on-line communication service.

When you register on the SITE you are also informed of the presence of tracer cookies, the purpose of which is notably, to provide you with offers that are adapted to your centres of interest, do statistics on visits and offer you the possibility to refuse by accessing this Cookies Management Charter.

Article 8: Your rights to access, delete, object

As is the case with the other data, you can exercise your rights to access, delete and make objections concerning your data by sending a request by e-mail to or by post to the NETSKI head office address, indicating "Data Protection" as the subject and providing proof of your identity.

In addition, if your Internet browser so allows, you may deactivate these cookies at any time by referring to the procedures described above.

Article 9: Storage period

In any case, cookies stored on your terminal or any other element used to identify you for statistical or audience purposes will have a limited duration of a maximum of 6 months, which is not automatically extended when you visit the SITE again. Beyond this limit, raw frequenting data associated with a login name are either deleted or made anonymous.